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More vital now than ever before

International cooperation is a vital part of the day-to-day running of Matís. This is evident in a number of ways. One manner in which it becomes clear is the company's work with foreign institutions in research and development projects, another is when foreign parties hire Matís for research directly.

This is not counting various cooperative ventures on foreign soil, such as meetings and forums, where Matís employees meet foreign professionals in their own field of study. At any given time there are many foreign researchers and specialists working with Matís, often all year. All of this results in direct benefits for the structure of Matís as well as aiding the understanding of its employees.

Matís has had a long and successful partnership with the various education institutions, government agencies, businesses and individuals, both in Iceland and abroad, and this has been an increasing factor in Matís´s operations in recent years. Matís will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with these and other entities that will work with the company to do part of the Icelandic food industry the most.

Matís has worked with numerous companies, research and educational entities and it is easy to conclude that Matís has had an invaluable impact on Icelandic economy through various cooperation and contracts with companies all over the world.

With its strong knowledge base and "know how", Matís is helping food manufacturing companies to gain advantages in other markets, and is of crucial value to the fishing industry, Icelandic most important export.

Thus, when it comes to international cooperation, whether for Matís as a company, its employees, its customers or its owner, the Icelandic nation, the word of the day is “Advantage.”