Government agencies

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Matís ltd. was created by the merger of three public agencies:

  • Fisheries Laboratories, which came under the Ministry of Fisheries
  • Whining Research Keldnaholti Mart, which came under the Ministry of Industry / Ministry of Agriculture
  • Department Environment Agency, which reports to the Ministry for the Environment
These institutions worked on various projects for the Icelandic government. For example, in the field of monitoring and measuring even though the work is not mandatory by the ministry. Matís ltd. will continue the good work on various projects for the Icelandic government.

The bill on Icelandic Food Research (Matís ltd.) focuses, among other things, on the duty of the Icelandic government to "ensure the health and food security of the nation and furthermore ensure employment and create business interests for Icelandic exports and make Icelandic food related products competitive in foreign markets" (art. 3).

Furthermore, the Icelandic government should "ensure, as much as possible, that the quality, safety and food hygiene and labeling and other related information, are correct and complete.
This should be achieved through education and information exchange, research and monitoring. It is, therefore, important that the governments takes measures so that facilities, knowledge and experience are readily available to conduct projects that promote food safety."

Additionally, the Bill states that "it is necessary for public health inspectors to be assured of having access to appropriate and high quality research service, especially those related to food safety. These are research on food borne illnesses, especially acute cases, which are expected to arise at regular intervals."

"For the government to be able to perform its role in this area, the Icelandic health inspection systems and the Icelandic health systems need to have access to the best services possible, in an fast and reliable manner. Such priority services require
specific requirements for equipment and personnel from the provider of such services."

Matís ltd. will strive to be a partner to the Icelandic government where the government can "be assured it has reliable access to top notch research, especially relating to the safety of food products."