Success Stories

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Matís emphasizes collaboration and cooperation with domestic and foreign educational institutions, research institutions and companies.

International cooperation is a major aspect of Matís' daily practice

One part is cooperation with foreign parties on research and scientific projects. In other cases foreign parties may utilize top notch Matís' research services. Furthermore, Matís participates in various meetings and conferences on foreign grounds, where Matís' staff meet colleagues from all over the world.

The partnership is important to Matís and its staff, as this is an important part in further development of the company. Additionally, it benefits the staff directly with increased scientific knowledge and awareness.

With today's technology it has become ever so easy to participate in international scientific cooperation and this fact is utilized to the fullest by Matís' staff. This provides opportunities for increased sales of Matís' top notch research services and, thus, increases the foreign revenue for the company. Additionally, this strengthens the knowledge base of Matís' staff and, therefore, directly makes the company better skilled and equipped to service its domestic market.

Mutual benefit is the key word for Matís' partnership; Matís' partners and Matís itself
employees, customers and owners - i.e. the Government of Iceland.

On the left hand side you will find several success stories from this partnership, provide by Matís' domestic and international partners.