Actavis utilizes Matís'specialized research services

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Actavis utilizes Matís'specialized research services

Actavis is one of the leading manufacturer of generic drugs. Actavis and Matís have a great ongoing cooperation.

“Ever since its formation, Matís has handled the microbial research of our materials and finalized products, as well as environmental samples. The cooperation is a regular part of Actavis' production and has been highly successful since the beginning,” says Herborg Hauksdóttir, responsible for quality assurance at Actavis pharmaceuticals. She also says that
Matís saves the company the cost of building a specialized research facility.

Herborg says that updated methods in microbial analysis have always run smoothly with Matís' specialized staff. “Our  work is conducted under certain requirements from the drug administration, both in Iceland and in other markets, and we chose to utilize Matís specialized staff and facilities for this purpose,” says Herborg.

As well as handling microbial analysis on materials and finalized products for Actavis, Matís handles the processing of  environmental samples where, for example, water is monitored as well as other environmental factors within the company. “We must hold out strict requirements and that is why we choose the best research service available to us,”  says Herborg Hauksdóttir.