It is important to have accessto companies such as Matís

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“It is important for production companies, such as us, to have access to a research company with the caliber of Matís."

"The milk production industry in Iceland is small, which does not enable us to focus on performing basic research or develop new methods and technologies – that knowledge is mostly acquired from overseas. However, this does not stop us from using Matís' specialized knowledge and resources in various beneficial ways,” says Jón Þór Jósepsson, quality manager for Mjólkursamlag KS in Sauðárkrókur.

Matís and Mólkursamlag KS have recently collaborated in a two projects. One of the projects focused on the utilization of the vast amounts of cheese whey produced at Mjólkursamlag KS. The company Iceprotein in Sauðárkrókur has also been involved with the project; one third of the company is owned by Matís. Such projects include product development, production planning, as well as budget planning and ROI calculations for the production.

“The other project involved getting students in industrial engineering at the University of Iceland, under the guidance of Sveinn Margeirsson, director of Value Chain and Processing at Matís, to go over all of our operations, production- and work processes. This was done as a masters' project. The research has been carried out at our facilities and we have been working on ideas on how we can improve the efficiency of our entire operations – such as amounts of hours worked to specific factors in our production process,” says Jón Þór.