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Matís has been working in Hornafjörður since 2006. Its operations are situated in Nýheimar knowledge center, which is a platform for innovative work in the area and in Matarsmiðjan which is a Food Innovation Centre special designed for small food producers. One specialist is working full time at Matís' facilities in Hornafjörður. The main objective of Matís' operations for the area is to support and help build-up small-scale production of food and to create value in different sectors in the food industry through highly focused research projects.

The Matís Food Innovation Centre (Matarsmiðjan) was established 2008 on the south-east coast of Iceland closely connected to the fishing, agriculture and tourist industry. The aim of the center is divided in two main aspects 1) access to know-how and 2) access to equipment. Such food innovation centers are build up so innovators can start production without facing high startup cost in machines and complicated laws and regulation. This ensures more streamlined R&D process reducing the cost and risk. Using such center entrepreneurs can also initiated small scale pilot products to test response of the market. After product development in the innovation center the entrepreneur can either start their own production line or use the food innovation center for production based on co-packing agreement. That could be ideal for small startup companies that may even only produce food items over a short period every year. The center gives Matis clients the chance to develop the widest range of food products as it is equipped with a wide range of equipment's for different type of food production. With forward thinking Matís has the right skills and the right tools to succeed in its mission of increase the different values in the Icelandic food industry.

Matís' station manager in Höfn is Vigfus Þórarinn Ásbjörnsson.

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