The Biotechnology Centre of Matís is located in Sauðárkrókur, in North-West Iceland. Matís‘s operations in the Biotechnology centre are based on two aims. On one hand is the Biotechnology Centre houses a state-of-the-art research laboratory and on the other hand there a pilot plant in its process area, where the start-up company Iceprotein was successfully established. The Centre provides interested parties with specialized laboratory facilities, a certified production facility with a pilot-plant and staff with specialized knowledge.

The Biotechnology centre offers research facilities as well as processing facilities, where scientists and entrepreneurs in biotechnology can develop their products and processes in co-operation with scientists and specialists at Matís. The main focus of the laboratory is research on extraction, isolation and bioactivity analysis of compounds from various Icelandic natural raw materials. The biotechnology centre is open for all interested parties, where both individuals and companies can have access to facilities to develop and produce products for short and longer periods. The Centre can serve as hatchery for start-up companies in biotechnology and can be important factor in shortening the process from idea to marketing, or from molecules to megatonnes. The centre with its two pillars can be highly beneficial for those who need facilities to do lab scale research as well as to develop their ideas in the scale-up phase. The selection of location is based upon the fact that in Sauðárkókur as well as all of Skagafjörður there is a fruitful food industry which the centre aims to support. This includes significant seafood, dairy and meat production. The biotechnology centre is dedicated in providing state-of-the-art research and development equipment, and is already involved in several major research projects with significant international cooperation. The Centre operates in good cooperation with the surrounding food processing companies.

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