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The activities in Analysis and Consulting have two main emphases: service testing and research analysis on the one hand and consultancy on the other. The division has the most modern analytical laboratory in Iceland providing priority and safety services for commercial, research and governmental clients. The division is a critical component of Iceland's food safety programme.

The division's main operation is performing microbial and chemical testing. Microbial and chemical analyses are carried out on all types of sample (e.g. food products, pharmaceuticals, drinking and bath water, sea water, sewage, feed, utensils). Thousands of samples are processed every year for members of the public, food and pharmaceutical industries, the research community and governmental monitoring agencies. In addition, the division offers routine production monitoring services to food producers.

Our consultancy services entail providing courses for members of the food industry, including training in establishing and using quality control systems. Courses are held for production company managers and employees, as well as for governmental agencies monitoring the food industry.

The division participates in international work aimed at developing procedures as well as participating in revision and validation of analytical methods for service measurements, thus ensuring that the division's work is consistently high quality.

More details about the analyses we offer can be found on our Analytical Services pages. The Division applies 35 accredited methods for microbiological and chemical testing. Accreditation is provided by Swedac, the Swedish accreditation body. Testing at Matís is performed in Reykjavík and Neskaupstaður.

Research groups:


Franklin Georgsson (Website / Email)

Research group leader:

Heida Palmadottir (Chemical Analysis) (Website / Email)


Matís Headquarters, Reykjavík
Matís, Neskaupstadur