Consulting and Dissemination

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The Consulting and Dissemination Group coordinates Matís´ provision of knowledge to partners in industry with the aim of strengthening their competitiveness. Our objective is to be the leading provider of consultancy and the dissemination of knowledge in Iceland, primarily within the food industry.

Reliable food quality and safety ensures continuous access to valuable markets, at the same time improving the reliability and reputation of the companies involved. Our services are tailored to meet the needs and wishes of the individual companies we work with.

Emphasis is placed on increasing Matís´ activities in disseminating knowledge to developing countries in the fields of food and feed production and safety. These efforts are performed in co-operation with various interested partners that can offer the specific skills and experience needed. This is done by tendering for projects and through offering training activities and consultancies in specific developmental projects in various countries. Our services are founded on Matís´ professional expertise in all aspects of food production, analysis, safety, development and marketing.

Matís is a partner with the United Nations University - Fisheries Training Programme in Iceland and offers the Fish Quality Managementand Processing Line course for the programme (UNU-FTP), where specialists from Matís conduct lectures and training activities.