Biotechnology and Biomolecules

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The Division of Biotechnology and Biomolecules pursues research on bioactive substances and enzymes with the goal of producing marketable products.

The division comprises state-of-the-art research equipment and expert staff of 25 scientists, some world-renowned in their fields. We operate three research laboratories, in addition to a Biotechnology and Biomolecule Pilot Plant where new processes can be scaled up to a commercial level.

The division has great expertise and decades of experience working with novel raw materials, ingredients and organisms, including unique extremophile microorganisms and a vast array of marine based raw materials. For example, the Biomolecule Research Group searches for novel compounds and molecular activities in food grade by-products of primary processing and by bioprospect Icelandic nature.

The Biotechnology Research Group focuses on finding unique microbes in hot springs and the marine environment. The goal is to identify and produce active enzymes or valuable compounds for use in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. More information about our research activities can be found on the research group pages.

The Division of Biotechnology and Biomolecules leads and participates in major R&D projects funded by local and international competitive research programs (for example the European Union Framework programs) as well as industry. Industrial clients of the division include large, world-leading companies as well as smaller innovation companies and entrepreneurs.

Research Groups and Activities:

In addition to collaborative research partnerships we offer various Services directly.


Dr. Hordur G. Kristinsson (website / email)

Research group leaders:

Dr. Gudmundur Oli Hreggvidsson (website / email)
Rosa Jonsdottir, M.Sc. (website / email)


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