Bioactive Compounds

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The aim of the Biomolecules research group´s work in this field is to investigate and isolate bioactive compounds from a variety of sources, and to pursue their development into valuable products dependent upon their specific characteristics.

In particular, we conduct research aiming to utilise Icelandic natural sources, neglected environmental sugars (e.g. seaweed, cartilage, chitin) and neglected by-products (e.g. Algae and capelin) as sources of novel and useful bioactive compounds. Such products and bioactives are applied in many areas, including the production of health products and foods, and to maintain the stability and quality of foods.

Some of the group's main projects involve:

  • the isolation, production, transformation and development of bioactive substances
  • monitoring properties in food (e.g. antihypertensivity, improved oxygen intake, cancer prophylaxis) using various methods
  • the development of methods to utilize neglected produce and research their characteristics
  • search for and define enzymes through biotechnological and genetic methodologies
  • measurement of oxidation and/or rancidity in seafood and optimisation of ways to improve and stabilize food against these factors
  • investigating various oil- and/or fat- based features in foods.