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The aim of the Biomolecules research group is to find and define novel biactivities and ingredients, with subsequent development and marketing. We specialise in searching the food grade by-products generated by primary processing and in bioprospecting Icelandic nature for novel ingredients and activities.

The Biomolecules research group has many years of experience developing processes to extract valuable bioactive ingredients from different raw material streams and testing their bioactivity. We are well equipped for qualitative and quantitative analysis of biomolecules/bioactives of interest, supported by our state-of-the art bioactivity lab which is able to perform a variety of chemical and cellular based assays.

Bioactive products of interest can be fully tested within the division. We are able to perform animal and human clinical trials on biomolecules. In addition, we draw on the broader expertise here at Matís to comprehensively test new food ingredients, including sensory evaluation, toxicology, functionality, textural and stability testing, to ensure that new products are fully characterised.

For further information on two of our main activities:

Biomolecules Research Group Leader:

Rosa Jonsdottir, M.Sc. (website / email)