Knowledge Transfer

Of great importance to Matís to create value from knowledge

A large part of Matís' research is conducted in cooperation with Icelandic academic institutions at a university level.

Matís is serious about its role as a bridge between the food and biotechnology industry on one hand and the academic environment on the other.

Among Matís' employees are many of Iceland‘s most competent scientists in the field of food technology, food research and biotechnology; food scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers and fisheries scientists. Several Ph.D. students and M.Sc. students are doing their research at Matís. Matís is involved in numerous research projects each year where the main emphasis is on innovation and value enhancement. The projects are carried out in cooperation with domestic food producers, universities and any company that offers service to the industry. Cooperation with foreign research institutions and companies is systematically increased through international research and development projects.

Knowledge Transfer
Much is done to ensure good cooperation and collaboration between the parties in this important field. In 2012, the University of Iceland, in cooperation with Matís and with other state universities in Iceland, started a new international M.Sc. program in food science.

With the aim of connecting even better the industry and the academic community Matís has established a division, Food Production and Education.

„With the establishment of this division we make Matís‘s operations and role more prominent and strengthen the links between the industry, education and food research,“ said Guðjón Þorkelsson, director, Food Production and Education at Matís.