Certified food processing – Food Innovation Centers

Certified food processing – Food Innovation Centers

Food Innovation Centers offers certified food processing facilities for diverse food production. The facilities vary from one location to another but they have in common wide range of food processing equipment and utensils necessary for food production.

Matís' Food Innovation Center, Vínlandsleið 12

The food processing area is divided into reception for raw materials, processing area, machinery area, dry area, heating area, packaging area and experimental kitchen, as well as all the necessary storage facilities, coolers and freezers. Appropriate clothing and hygiene is required in this area. Disposable overalls, overshoes and hair nets are stored in a cloakroom at the entrance to the processing room.


  • Reception area is equipped with scale, saw and moveable worktable. Cooling of the processing area is possible. Two cooling tubs are available.
  • Processing area is equipped with ice-machine, 240 litre boiling vessel, 20 litre bowl chopper, 5 litre mixer, scale and worktable. Chopping knives and boards are available.
  • Room with supplies needed for cleaning in food processing is next to the processing area. Disposable gloves and plastic bin liners of various sizes are stored there.
  • Dry room to work with dry and volatile materials. Shaking sieve machine for two different particle sizes.
  • In the machine are is a quick-freezer/cooler, three refrigerator simulators and freeze-dryer and a refrigerator for small samples.
  • Freezing, rapid cooling: The machinery area contains a speed cooler/freezer where it is possible to quickly cool or freeze hot food or samples that will be stored in freezers or coolers.
  • Beside the machinery area is a heating chamber with fan/steam/oven and cooking plates. There is also a packaging chamber with two packaging machines for vacuum packaging, heat sealer machine for plastic bags, not vacuum. Also a refrigerator and freezer for smaller samples.
  • Chamber with two coolers and two freezers -18°C and – 24°C.

For additional information please contact Óli Þór Hilmarsson at Matís.