Ancona International FISHING Fair to be held for the 71st time - Matis invited - 25.5.2011

Matis has been invited to the 71st Ancona International FISHING Fair to be held in Italy 27th-29th of May. Matis will introduce to the meeting attendees the EU EcoFishMan, a new EU FP7 RTD project, which will play an important role in the development of a holistic fisheries management system, which takes into account all aspects of sustainability.

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United Nations University - Fisheries Training Program - 25.5.2011

The UNU Fisheries Training Programme is a postgraduate training programme that offers applied training in various areas of the fisheries sector for practicing professionals in the less developed countries. Matis plays an important role in the programme.

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Press release - Life in extreme environments paves the way for international collaboration New roadmap for research launched - 23.5.2011

Life thriving in deserts, the Polar Regions and the deep sea is the focus of a report released today by the CAREX project, involving over 200 international scientists.  The CAREX (Coordination Action for Research Activities on life in Extreme Environments) roadmap outlines priorities for future research into life in extreme environments, giving the basis for international collaboration.

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Borðaklipping á Flúðum

Matis opens a new Food Innovation Centre (FIC) at Fludir in the presence of numerous guests - 20.5.2011

Over 70 people came to celebrate the opening of the latest Matis' Food Innovation Centre which was recently opened at Fludir, located in the Southern-Iceland.

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30 million NOK for innovation in the Nordic Marine sector – Call for proposals - 20.5.2011

Nordic Innovation Centre on behalf of the Nordic partners of the programme “Innovation in the Nordic marine sector” invites to submit project applications to module 2 and 3 of the programme.

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