Matís – in an international context - 16.12.2013

Matís has systematically increased its emphasis on international projects, whilst strengthening the company's operations in Iceland – not to mention scientific work in the country in general. As a result, Iceland reaps the benefits of an increased number of various business opportunities.

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There is no food without food safety - 2.12.2013

Last summer the SAFE Consortium, which is a cooperation between European laboratories in the field of food security, published a strategic report on research priorities and the importance of food safety. The report was delivered to the European Commission, which reiterates the importance of food security is placed in the foreground of all foodstuffs.

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Iceland Arctic Charr - important information - 28.11.2013

Iceland is the largest producer of Arctic Charr in the world and leading the way. The Arctic Charr is reared in crystal clear water using sustainable green energy. No antibiotics or other medical products are used in Arctic Charr farming in Iceland and it has not been genetically modified (GMO) in any way.

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Makríll | Mackerel

No dispute in Scandinavia over this mackerel - 25.11.2013

Recently, a competition between Nordic artisan food producers was held in Östersund, Sweden. In all, about 600 products were submitted. Out of 40 prizes awarded, three were presented to Icelandic artisan food producers.

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Makríll | Mackerel

Improving value of mackerel catch - 19.11.2013

Over the last few years, mackerel has been seen – and caught – around Iceland in ever increasing amounts, resulting in the speedy development of processing techniques of the product.

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Marine microorganisms form an almost untapped resource of biotechnological potential - 11.11.2013

Matís is a participant in the MaCuMBA project that started last year and will be on going until 2016. The objective of the MaCuMBA project is to uncover the untold diversity of marine microbes using cultivation-dependent strategies.

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Norræn samvinna | Nordic Cooperation

Valuable Nordic collaboration in marine research - 5.11.2013

Matis collaborates with the other Nordic countries in various ways; through individual projects involving other research companies, institutions and production companies, and in many cases, in projects where Matis leads Icelandic institutions and companies into such Scandinavian projects.

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Gullkarfi | Sebastes marinus | Copyright

Changes in visual and textural quality in the redfish species, Sebastes marinus, during different storage regimes - 1.11.2013

The species Sebastes marinus, commonly known as redfish, is the subject of a series of experiments aimed at determining the cause and mitigation of the appearance of yellowish stains on the surface of processed fillets.

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Atlantshaf/Atlantic Ocean

What are the environmental effects of fish products? - 23.10.2013

Traceability and the environmental impact of fish products are the main themes of the FP7 sponsored WhiteFish project in which Matís is participating, alongside parties in Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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Fishing Gear Network meeting in Reykjavík

New technology for the Nordic fishing fleet - 14.10.2013

A workshop titled “New technology for the Nordic fishing fleet: Fishing gear and effective catch handling” was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 1st & 2nd 2013.

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Hita- eða kuldaþolnar örverur/Extremophiles

European research into extremophiles - 1.10.2013

Carex is a cooperative network with the aim of coordinating research into extremophiles in Europe. These are life forms that live outside the so-called ‘norm conditions' and could be plants, animals or bacteria that live in extremely hostile conditions.
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Researching cod larvae with Canada and Scandinavia - 30.9.2013

Matís' employees are involved in an extensive research project between Scandinavia and Canada where the goal is to increase the quality of fry produced in the farming of cod.

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Ocean Sampling Day - 17.9.2013

The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) is a simultaneous sampling campaign of the world's oceans and will take place on the summer solstice (June 21st) in the year 2014.

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Oddur Már Gunnarsson, sviðsstjóri/director

International collaborations strengthen Matís - 1.9.2013

Income from Matis' international projects now represents more than 20% of the company's overall operations; a figure which has been increasing over the last few years. 

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Genetic information of arctic char in the northern hemisphere mapped - 31.8.2013

In the NordChar project alterations in the ecosystem of the northern hemisphere we are being observed alongside changes in temperature and especially the effect this has onthe arctic char in this investigation. Read more
Health Scale

What are the benefits/hazards when consuming food? - 15.8.2013

Helga Gunnlaugsdottir, Research Group Leader at Matís, has recently taken part in a European project where a knowledge base was formed regarding the analysis of risk and reward in food consumption.

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Hörður G. Kristinsson, rannsóknastjóri/Research Director

International collaboration is the key to the advancement of research - 18.7.2013

“Matís is not only a powerful research- and knowledge-based company on an Icelandic scale, but is fully comparable to similar foreign companies and institutions", says Hordur G. Kristinsson, Director of Research.

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Guðlaug Þóra Marinósdóttir

Greater confidence in Matís' financial oversight in international projects - 15.7.2013

"Finances are a vital part of our research projects and this is especially clear when it comes to Matís' international projects, which are constantly expanding.", says Gudlaug Th. Marinosdottir, Office Manager at Matís.

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TASTE - Partners gather for 2nd project meeting - 1.7.2013

The second TASTE Project meeting was recently held in Freising, Germany and was hosted by partner Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The meeting was held over two days and participants were given the opportunity to try some bakery products containing seaweed.

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Þekkir þú matinn þinn? | Do you know your food?

"This is something else" - Competition - 15.6.2013

Matís and Landsbankinn have joined forces to create a competition for innovative business ideas that utilize Icelandic raw materials or design in the fields of food industry and biotechnology. Read more
Atlantshaf | Atlantic Ocean

Undesirable substances in seafood products – results from the Icelandic marine monitoring activities in the year 2012 - 1.6.2013

This report summarizes the results obtained in 2012 for the screening of various undesirable substances in the edible part of marine catches, fish meal and fish oil for feed. The newly established maximum levels for dioxins, dioxin-like PCB and non dioxin-like PCB in foodstuffs and animal feed are used to evaluate how Icelandic seafood products measure up to EC limits currently in effect.

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Turbot (

Lowering production cost in turbot aquaculture - 1.5.2013

Matís, in cooperation with Akvaplan-niva in Iceland, has conducted a series of feed composition and feed quality trials on turbot. Read more
7. rannsóknaáætlunin | FP7

Matís coordinates a European project that focuses on salt reduction in the food industry - 1.4.2013

Edible seaweed: a natural approach to taste enhancement and salt reduction? A new European funded collaborative project - “TASTE” will explore the possibilities.

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Forsætisráðherra og Hörður

Matís's head of research receives awards - 6.3.2013

Hordur G. Kristinsson, Ph.D., head of research at Matís and director of the biotechnology and biochemistry department received Science and Technology Policy Council Motivation Award, which was granted to him at the Research Forum of The Icelandic Centre for Research (

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