Þekkir þú matinn þinn? | Do you know your food?

"This is something else" - Competition - 15.6.2013

Matís and Landsbankinn have joined forces to create a competition for innovative business ideas that utilize Icelandic raw materials or design in the fields of food industry and biotechnology. Read more
Atlantshaf | Atlantic Ocean

Undesirable substances in seafood products – results from the Icelandic marine monitoring activities in the year 2012 - 1.6.2013

This report summarizes the results obtained in 2012 for the screening of various undesirable substances in the edible part of marine catches, fish meal and fish oil for feed. The newly established maximum levels for dioxins, dioxin-like PCB and non dioxin-like PCB in foodstuffs and animal feed are used to evaluate how Icelandic seafood products measure up to EC limits currently in effect.

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