Atlantshaf/Atlantic Ocean

What are the environmental effects of fish products? - 23.10.2013

Traceability and the environmental impact of fish products are the main themes of the FP7 sponsored WhiteFish project in which Matís is participating, alongside parties in Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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Fishing Gear Network meeting in Reykjavík

New technology for the Nordic fishing fleet - 14.10.2013

A workshop titled “New technology for the Nordic fishing fleet: Fishing gear and effective catch handling” was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 1st & 2nd 2013.

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Hita- eða kuldaþolnar örverur/Extremophiles

European research into extremophiles - 1.10.2013

Carex is a cooperative network with the aim of coordinating research into extremophiles in Europe. These are life forms that live outside the so-called ‘norm conditions' and could be plants, animals or bacteria that live in extremely hostile conditions.
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