Slurry ice chilling in inshore fishing boats - 22.12.2014

Increased catch of small, inshore fishing boats in Iceland recently, has pointed out challenges, which aim at improving the handling and quality of fish onboard these small boats. A new way of thinking is needed as well as handling methods. New alternatives in chilling must be introduced.

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Lax | Salmon

26,813 salmons from 467 locations, in 284 rivers across Europe - 12.12.2014


is large European funded project that Matís has participated in. Over the past two decades, an increasing proportion of North Atlantic salmon are dying at sea during their oceanic feeding migration. Arguably the greatest challenge in salmon conservation is to gain insight into the spatial and ecological use of the marine environment by different regional and river stocks.

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Lífhagkerfi | Bioeconomy

The European Bioeconomy Panel - 2.12.2014

The European Bioeconomy Panel was established in 2013 by the European Commission with the aim to improve coherence and synergies between policy areas related to the bioeconomy and to pave the way for more innovative and resource efficient thinking. The Bioeconomy Panel consists of 30 members, all experts in their field of bioeconomy.

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Extensive research program by Matís for Nestlé - 28.11.2014

The value of exported fresh fish from Iceland has increased significantly with improved methods of handling and cooling of the catch. The annual export of fresh fish amounts to about ISK 40 billion. If the same volume was to be exported frozen, the value would be only half this amount.

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Retailers in UK reluctant to give too much information - 24.11.2014

A new “app” for smartphones and tablets with information for seafood buyers. When this „app“ was ready to be tested in the UK retail market, the retailers were reluctant to use it.

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Studies on increased utilization of herring for human consumption - 24.11.2014

Norwegians have successfully studied for the last three year the increased utilisation of herring and they now utilize side products from herring filleting in 17 different products. Research on the use of herring side products is also ongoing at Matís. Read more
Rekjanleiki | Traceability | © iStock Swoosh-R

What role does traceability have for increased value within the seafood industry? - 19.11.2014

The Icelandic food and veterinary authority (MAST) organised a seminar on traceability in food systems on October 21st 2014 in Reykjavík. The seminar was a part of the programme organised by the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic council of Ministers in 2014.

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From basic research to medical devices for consumers - 18.11.2014

The biotechnology company Zymetech is built on research by Dr. Ágústa Guðmundsdóttir, professor of food chemistry, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland (UI) and board member of Matís and the late Dr. Jón Bragi Björnsson, Professor at the University of Iceland, on digestive enzymes from cod and their use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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What is the carbon footprint of fresh Icelandic cod loins in comparison with other competing products? - 14.11.2014

Sustainable utilisation and mitigation of environmental impacts associated with food production have become important issues in many key markets for seafood products from Iceland.

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Coastal communities and coastal fisheries in the N-Atlantic - 11.11.2014

Matís organised a conference last September on coastal communities and coastal fisheries in the N-Atlantic. The conference was held in connection with the Icelandic fisheries exhibition and was a part of a series of events held in connection with the Icelandic presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Export of containerized fresh fish on the decline - 10.11.2014

Export of containerized fish from Iceland has decreased considerably in the last years, as Jónas R. Viðarsson, Research Group Leader at Matís, explained in a yearly conference held in Humber Seafood Summit in Grimsby in September.

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Startup Energy Reykjavik visits Matís - 9.11.2014

Startup Energy Reykjavik visited Matís last week. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the investment program to Matís' employees.

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The "father" of European bioeconomy on his way to Iceland - 5.11.2014

Arctic Bioeconomy Focus on West-Nordic Countries The conference will take place Nov. 11th in Reykjavik at The Nordic House, Sturlugata 5, between 13:00-17:00.

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EARTO Innovation Prize for the first time to Sweden - 5.11.2014

"Our partners from Iceland, Matis and Saebyli, have produced fish feed containing our Single cell protein and have carried out successful feeding trials on the fish species Tilapia."

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Norwegian researchers study the structural and political framework of the Icelandic seafood industry - 4.11.2014

Norwegians face problems with quality issues in their catching and processing sectors.  Also, the production of filleted cod has all but vanished. Their hope is to learn from Icelanders what can be improved by making a comparison study of the structure and framework of the catching and processing sectors in Norway and Iceland.

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Green Growth the Nordic Way - 31.10.2014

The fight against climate change and the new paradigm connected with bioeconomy are often pitted against each other. Some see it as a struggle between those who want to preserve and those who want to extract.

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First snow during the UNU-FTP program - 22.10.2014

Each year fellows from all over the globe come to Iceland to take part in the United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme. For most, living in Iceland is a totally new experience with an amazing yet quite a challenging experience.

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Nordic Bioeconomy and Regional Innovation - 21.10.2014

Nordregio and partners are pleased to invite you to the second Nordregio Forum, the meeting place for policymakers, researchers and practitioners, seeking to ensure sustainable regional development in the Nordic countries.

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International cooperation is a key - 20.10.2014

International cooperation is a key item in all of Matís activities and the ground for many projects. International funding's have grown every year, 2014 they made up more than one third of Matís income. Every year, Matís takes part in various foreign projects and the company has become a popular cooperator due to the good reputation it has from previous collaborations. The reputation has open for partnerships with companies that operate in similar sectors. Read more
Matarhandverk | Artisan Food

Nordic Artisan Food - 19.9.2014

Idea- and knowledge forum for artisan food. November 12th -15th an Artisan food seminar and the first Icelandic Championship in artisan food production will be held in Reykjavik Iceland.

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Super chilling without Ice - 18.9.2014

This morning the ongoing collaboration of 3X Tech, Skaginn, Matís, Iceprotein and FISK Seafood reached the front page of the Icelandic daily newspaper Morgunblaðið.

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Conference on coastal fisheries and coastal communities in the N-Atlantic - 15.9.2014

A conference titled “Coastal fisheries and coastal communities in the N-Atlantic” will be held on September 27th in connection with the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, which takes place in Kópavogur, Iceland, September 25-27. Read more
Rekjanleiki | Traceability | © iStock Swoosh-R

Traceability improves access to markets - 15.9.2014

Demands for traceability in food supply chains have increased significantly in recent years. This applies to all food products, whether fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy or other food stuffs. There are number of reasons for this increasing attention to traceability, but the issue was particularly highlighted during the horsemeat scandal that shook Europe in 2013.

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Atlantshaf | Atlantic Ocean

Humber Seafood Summit - 11.9.2014

The 5th Humber Seafood Summit will be held in Grimsby from 17 to 18 September 2014. Jónas R. Viðarsson from Matís is one of the speakers at the summit.

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Frosinn lax | Frozen salmon | © iStock Swoosh-R

Food integrity project hinders food fraud - 9.9.2014

Food fraud has been a growing problem in the recent years and gained a new status in 2013 when horse meat was detected in food supposedly containing beef. When the consumer's trust is broken it can affect all food production as well as food safety.

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Taste the North-Atlantic

Taste the North-Atlantic - 5.9.2014

RÚV, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, has begun showing a brand new TV series on North-Atlantic food culture. Matís and the Icelandic movie company Sagafilm are developer of this new series „Taste the North Atlantic“. The aim of the show is to give a positive image of food culture and promote food tourism in Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Norway. The show will be broadcasted on prime time in various countries, premiered in Iceland last night at 8:05 PM.

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Fiskeldi | Aquaculture

Iceland spots opportunities in aquaculture - 2.9.2014

An ever-growing population implies great challenges as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) draws attention to in the latest version of SOFIA. There it is estimated that the world population will be 9.6 billions in 2050. Already, various cultivation areas have reached their limit of production. Read more

Maximising Return: Utilising the entire fish - 29.8.2014

Matís, together with the ministry of Industries and Innovation, University of Iceland and Mercator Media, organizes very interesting conference, which takes place on the first day of the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition & Awards 2014 (IceFish) in Kópavogur. The exhibition will take place from the 25th to 27th of September.

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Fresh = frozen in quality of cod? - 29.8.2014

Nowadays, a sustainable fisheries sector and increased utilization of catch is of high importance. One of the main challenges is the seasonal variations in amount of landings throughout the year. While most of the whitefish is caught and processed during the winter, the market demands all-year deliveries. Today, the seagoing fleet mainly land frozen headed and gutted (HG) cod.

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Great mobile app - also for Windows! - 28.8.2014

Matís has developed a great little mobile app that helps fisherman know how much ice they need to cool their catch. As most people know, cooling is one of the utmost important part of maintaining quality of food, especially fresh and spoilage sensitive food such as fresh fish.
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Sustainable Oceans - 27.8.2014

Our Treasure in the Past and in the Future: Power of Molecular Biology. Prof. Dr. Werner E.G. Müller - Institute for Physiological Chemistry, University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany will give a presentation September 5th at Matís.

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Plastic in the oceans - 14.8.2014

The Environment Agency of Iceland will host a conference on plastics in the marine environment in Reykjavík, Iceland, on the 24th of September 2014.

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Þorskur | Cod

Iceland's utilization of cod worth mentioning according to FAO - 12.8.2014

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) is the flagship publication of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department. In the latest issue Iceland's utilization of cod by-products is mentioned as well as how well the Icelandic fishing industry is using traceability systems. Read more
Þari | Kelp

Hunting for medicines in the sea - 8.8.2014

Few weeks ago a very interesting article was published by about the vaste opportunities that may lie in our oceans. At Matís we work extensively with materials from the ocean, whether it be seaweed or fish or any other bio-active material.

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Lax | Salmon

Discovering why wild salmon is in decline - 6.8.2014

A recent European Union (EU)-funded research project has produced some surprising results on why wild salmon is in decline. The project had several participants, including Matís from Iceland. Read more

Advisory Councils debate - The Ecosystem approach to fisheries - 30.6.2014

A working group integrated by the Advisory Councils (ACs), ICES, IFM-AUU and CETMAR has met in Brussels to set the baseline for the improvement of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) advice.

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Iceland improves food safety measures - 26.6.2014

Completed joint project of the Icelandic authorities for food safety and German institutions with the participation of the BfR.

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Grand Challenges - 25.6.2014

Grand challenges need to be addressed now and in the future. Around the corner, there are still more changes to all aspects of food production. In what ways can we contribute to improved food safety and increased food security? Keeping an eye on opportunities in the bioeconomy is crucual.

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Seaweed mayonnaise Fjaran wins EcoTrophelia Iceland - 23.6.2014

Minister of Industry and commerce, Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, recently awarded prizes in the EcoTrophelia Iceland competition which is sponsored by Matís, Innovation Center Iceland and the University of Iceland, as well a many Icelandic and foreign institutions.

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Will insects feed the world? - 18.6.2014

Not so long ago, a Matís' cooperative, received world wide attention for his Fly Factory. But Matís has more people working on the 'insect thing'
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Nordic Bioeconomy, FP7, Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership, Sicentific Excellence, Grand Challanges

Nordtic - Nordic Bioeconomy and Arctic Bioeconomy - 10.6.2014

Conference on Nordic Bioeconomy and Arctic Bioeconomy will be held on June 25th. Bioeconomy will be at the centre of Nordic cooperation in 2014. NordBio, the largest of three programmes under the Icelandic chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers, is aimed at optimizing utilization of biological resources and minimizing waste, thus bolstering the Nordic Bioeconomy.

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Launching of the Icelandic case study in MareFrame - 6.6.2014

Next Tuesday, 10th of June Matís will host the launching of the Icelandic case study in MareFrame. MareFrame is a EU project aming to improve Fisheries management in the European Union, where now a days 3 of every 4 fish stocks are overfished

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Partners in Safe Food celebrate - 19.5.2014

The occasion was the opening of a state-of-the-art laboratory at Vínlandsleið 12, Reykjavík. The laboratory was set up for the cooperative project Safe Food. Read more

Antioxidants and Functional Components in Aquatic Foods - 30.4.2014

Antioxidants and Functional Components in Aquatic Foods

compiles for the first time the past and present research done on pro and antioxidants in aquatic animals. Hordur G. Kristinsson from Matís is the editor. Additionally, several of Matís' employees write chapters in the book.

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Ísaðir þorskar

Lipid quality preservation is one of the major challenges associated with seafood raw material storage - 28.4.2014

Consumption of processed and frozen fish has increased in recent years as a result of an increasing consumer demand for convenient high-quality food products. Fish lipids are a natural and good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) which have been reported to have several beneficial health effects. However, due to the high amount of PUFA, fish lipids are highly susceptible to lipid degradation.

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Quality Control Lessons for Students from Developing Countries - 8.4.2014

From the day the United Nations University Fisheries Training Programme was established here in Iceland nearly eleven years ago Matís has handled the teaching of quality control for the school.

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Visitors from Africa, Central- and South America and Asia at Matís' HQ - 2.4.2014

Senior officials from numerous countries in Africa, Central- and South America and Asia are visiting Matís today.

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A workshop on coastal fisheries in the North Atlantic - 21.3.2014

A workshop on coastal fisheries in the North Atlantic will be held in Matís' headquarters at Vínlandsleið 12 in Reykjavík on March 25th & 26th 2014.

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FP7, Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership, Sicentific Excellence, Grand Challanges

Ph.D. student wanted - 17.3.2014

The Department of Aquatic Resources of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is looking for a PhD-student to investigate the temporal and spatial dynamics of cod, herring and sprat populations in the Baltic Sea within a multi-species modeling framework.

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A new approach to fishery management developed in Europe - 11.3.2014

The results from the European research project, EcoFishMan, were presented at an international symposium at the National Research Council in Rome on 28th February 2014. The project has devised a new „Responsive Fisheries Management System“ (RFMS) in collaboration with key stakeholders in European fisheries.

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