Matarhandverk | Artisan Food

Nordic Artisan Food - 19.9.2014

Idea- and knowledge forum for artisan food. November 12th -15th an Artisan food seminar and the first Icelandic Championship in artisan food production will be held in Reykjavik Iceland.

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Super chilling without Ice - 18.9.2014

This morning the ongoing collaboration of 3X Tech, Skaginn, Matís, Iceprotein and FISK Seafood reached the front page of the Icelandic daily newspaper Morgunblaðið.

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Conference on coastal fisheries and coastal communities in the N-Atlantic - 15.9.2014

A conference titled “Coastal fisheries and coastal communities in the N-Atlantic” will be held on September 27th in connection with the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, which takes place in Kópavogur, Iceland, September 25-27. Read more
Rekjanleiki | Traceability | © iStock Swoosh-R

Traceability improves access to markets - 15.9.2014

Demands for traceability in food supply chains have increased significantly in recent years. This applies to all food products, whether fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy or other food stuffs. There are number of reasons for this increasing attention to traceability, but the issue was particularly highlighted during the horsemeat scandal that shook Europe in 2013.

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Atlantshaf | Atlantic Ocean

Humber Seafood Summit - 11.9.2014

The 5th Humber Seafood Summit will be held in Grimsby from 17 to 18 September 2014. Jónas R. Viðarsson from Matís is one of the speakers at the summit.

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Frosinn lax | Frozen salmon | © iStock Swoosh-R

Food integrity project hinders food fraud - 9.9.2014

Food fraud has been a growing problem in the recent years and gained a new status in 2013 when horse meat was detected in food supposedly containing beef. When the consumer's trust is broken it can affect all food production as well as food safety.

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Taste the North-Atlantic

Taste the North-Atlantic - 5.9.2014

RÚV, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, has begun showing a brand new TV series on North-Atlantic food culture. Matís and the Icelandic movie company Sagafilm are developer of this new series „Taste the North Atlantic“. The aim of the show is to give a positive image of food culture and promote food tourism in Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Norway. The show will be broadcasted on prime time in various countries, premiered in Iceland last night at 8:05 PM.

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Fiskeldi | Aquaculture

Iceland spots opportunities in aquaculture - 2.9.2014

An ever-growing population implies great challenges as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) draws attention to in the latest version of SOFIA. There it is estimated that the world population will be 9.6 billions in 2050. Already, various cultivation areas have reached their limit of production. Read more