Slurry ice chilling in inshore fishing boats - 22.12.2014

Increased catch of small, inshore fishing boats in Iceland recently, has pointed out challenges, which aim at improving the handling and quality of fish onboard these small boats. A new way of thinking is needed as well as handling methods. New alternatives in chilling must be introduced.

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Lax | Salmon

26,813 salmons from 467 locations, in 284 rivers across Europe - 12.12.2014


is large European funded project that Matís has participated in. Over the past two decades, an increasing proportion of North Atlantic salmon are dying at sea during their oceanic feeding migration. Arguably the greatest challenge in salmon conservation is to gain insight into the spatial and ecological use of the marine environment by different regional and river stocks.

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Lífhagkerfi | Bioeconomy

The European Bioeconomy Panel - 2.12.2014

The European Bioeconomy Panel was established in 2013 by the European Commission with the aim to improve coherence and synergies between policy areas related to the bioeconomy and to pave the way for more innovative and resource efficient thinking. The Bioeconomy Panel consists of 30 members, all experts in their field of bioeconomy.

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