Iceland School of Fisheries - Executive programme at Reykjavík University - 27.7.2015

Advanced learning in modern fisheries management, marketing, innovation and processing.

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Eco-labels may bring intangible benefits - XXII EAFE Conference 2015 - 23.7.2015

European Association of Fisheries Economists held their XXII conference on management issues within the reformed Common Fishery Policy, its implementation, and its socio-economic impacts. MareFrame representatives did attend the conference as dr. Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir, the project coordinator was in attendance.

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Your studies are finished; have you found your dream job? - 22.7.2015

When pursuing a higher education, it's important to follow a study path that motivates and challenges you. But in reality, the competition for jobs can be fierce and, unfortunately, not all graduates are immediately successful in finding employment, relevant to their field of study. Read more

Distinguished visitors at Matis! - 7.7.2015

The Rector of United Nations University (UNU) Dr. David M. Malone, along with the UNU‘s Vice-Rector and Executive Officier Max Bond are visiting the Training Programmes of UNU that are being hosted in Iceland.

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Positive Development for Food Safety - 6.7.2015

Matis signs agreement on the operation of a NRL.

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