UNU-FTP students in Matís' Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing - from around the world! - 26.1.2017

The students that have selected the Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing line in UNU-FTP are from all over the world. It's quite amazing to see the distribution in the infographic below. 

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University of Iceland – A Fruitful Cooperation throughout 2016 - 10.1.2017

Matís cooperated well and successfully with the University of Iceland (UI) in 2016 with a formal collaboration agreement on teaching and research. The cooperation is not new; UI and Matís have worked together for almost 40 years now.

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Did you know it's our 10-year anniversary? - 2.1.2017

On the first weekday of every year, Matís' annual report is published. This time around we look back at the existence of our company, from January 1st, 2007, when three public agencies and one private company merge into Matís.

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