Adaptive strategies to cope with the predicted impacts of climate change - news from the ClimeFish project - 30.5.2017

Developing an effective and realistic approach that allows stakeholders to develop their adaptive management plans for the three production sectors is important. ClimeFIsh partners at MATIS in WP5, in cooperation with ClimeFish case study and sector leaders, has been working to find the most suitable approach that will fit all three sectors and the stakeholders within each case. 

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Ph.D. students on board an Icelandic research vessel - 29.5.2017

Mia Cerfonteyn and Clara Jégousse are currently on board the Icelandic research vessel, Bjarni Sæmundsson to analyse microbial diversity, abundance and distribution in Icelandic waters. The research trip is part of the MIME project (Microbes in the Icelandic Marine Environment), in cooperation with the Marine Research Institute, University of Iceland and others and receives support from the Icelandic Research Fund (Rannís).

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WEFTA Conference - 24.5.2017

Come join us at the leading platform for seafood R&D experts to discuss hot topics and major breakthroughs with a combination of keynote lectures, oral and poster sessions and opportunities for active discussion and networking with SME's from the Seafood sector.

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Authent-Net: Food Authenticity Research Network - 22.5.2017

It is acknowledged that historically anti-food fraud capability within Europe has not been consolidated and lacks the coordination and support structures available to those working in food safety. There are various initiatives underway to redress this balance e.g. DG Santé's Food Fraud network, DG Research's FoodIntegrity project, as well as numerous national programmes and industry initiatives.

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Improving Joint Health with Putative Therapeutics - 3.5.2017

An interesting article was published on the Selectscience's web last week. Matís' Dr. Eva Kuttner gave the readers an inside look into the research done at Matís' Biotechnology Centre in the remote town of Saudarkrokur in North Iceland.

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Super-chilling Fish - 2.5.2017

The super-chilling project has been in development for some time; for the last few years, the food processing solution company Skaginn 3X, in collaboration with representatives from Fisk Seafood, have been considering the possibility of super-chilling whole whitefish.

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