Þorskur | Cod

What is the safety and quality of Atlantic cod during cold storage? - 15.11.2017

Results from a competitive study of the quality and safety of Atlantic cod fillets during cold storage have just been published in the Journal of the science of Food and Agriculture. Matís, along with Norwegian partners, National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood research and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

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First FlowCam in Iceland - 10.11.2017

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) recently acquired the first FlowCam (Fluid Imaging Technologies) in Iceland which will be used in the Microbes in the Icelandic Marine Environment (MIME) project; a collaboration between Matís and the MFRI. In this project, the FlowCam analysis will form a substantial part of Mia Cerfonteyn's PhD, titled ‘The distribution, diversity and abundance of phytoplankton in Icelandic marine waters in context of environmental change'.

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Workshop on food integrity and available methods for detecting food fraud - 6.11.2017

The Ag-Fisk funded project Authenticate will have Workshop on food integrity and available methods for detecting food fraud in the seafood industry in the Faroe Islands on November 14th. Growing societal demand for food authenticity, safety and broader food security is creating both new opportunities and increased challenges for Nordic seafood suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. 

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