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A typical day at Matís


There are normally a number of employees / students who are working in Iceland away from home. Some work for Matís year round while others are with the company for shorter or longer periods.
Matís actively incorporates cooperation with overseas companies and individuals to market Icelandic “know-how” but also to increase knowledge for Icelandic companies in the field of fisheries and agriculture. For more information on international cooperation Matís can be found here.

These days particularly many foreign students / workers are at Matís' HQ at Vínlandsleið 12. Matís is responsible for the teaching of fellows at the United Nations University - Fisheries Training Programme and, thus, there can be many attending lunch during lunch hours. Students and staff are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam and Ghana just to name a few.

The picture shows employees and fellows eating lunch at Vínlandsleið.

For more information on the United Nations University - Fisheries Training Programme, click here.
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