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Super chilling without Ice


This morning the ongoing collaboration of 3X Tech, Skaginn, Matís, Iceprotein and FISK Seafood reached the front page of the Icelandic daily newspaper Morgunblaðið.

  • New equipment's developed to chill fish on-board fishing vessels
  • Will be installed on-board the trawler Malmey SK1
  • Fresh fish trawler with super chill

The machine manufactures 3X Technology in Ísafjörður and Skaginn in Akranes, in cooperation with the research company Matis and Iceprotein and fish processors Fish Seafood in Sauðárkrókur have developed mechanic to super chill fish on-board fishing vessels without using ice or slush ice.  

Fish Seafood have contracted 3X Technology and Skaginn to implement these equipment's on-board Malmey SK-1 in coming December, but the trawler is in Poland were it have been  converted from a freezing trawler to be a fresh fish trawler.

Ingólfur Arnason, the director of Skaginn says the mechanism an icebreaker in the fisheries business. He says when this equipment's will be up and running the trawler will be more of fresh fish trawler instead of traditional ice fish trawler, with no ice on board. In line with this state of the art method on board fishing vessel, a super chill solutions are under development for salmon in coordination with Norwegian company.

With the new mechanism on board Malmey SK-1 the catch will be super chilled down to -1°C on the processing deck, and stored without ice in the fishing hold at the same temperature. The chilling process will be fully computerized using integration of heat exchanger, glycol and salt.

All the fish gets the same treatment

All the fish will be treated the same way through the processing line. The objective of the design and the development of the processing line is to maximize the quality of the raw material, extend the self-life of it when handed over to the primary production ashore.

Among the novelty of this processing line are new bleeding and gutting line, using visualising system to grade fish according to species and sizes before it is super chilled by four steps using Rotex conveyor tanks.

The throughput of the processing line is according to process around 60 fishes per minutes. The equipment will be introduced on the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in Kópavogur in 25th to 27th of September.

For more information please contact Gunnar Þórðarson at Matís.

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