• Albert Högnason, 3X, Gunnar Þórðarson, Matís | Svifaldan 2016 | Copyright Gusti

Super-chilling Fish


The super-chilling project has been in development for some time; for the last few years, the food processing solution company Skaginn 3X, in collaboration with representatives from Fisk Seafood, have been considering the possibility of super-chilling whole whitefish.

Later, the two companies collaborated with Matís, a government owned research company in Iceland, on the subject. The aim was to investigate whether super-chilling was possible and what the effect would be on quality and production. Super-chilling means cooling a whole fish down to below zero degrees Celsius immediately after it has been caught/slaughtered; in traditional cooling methods, the fish is chilled with ice to around 0-4 degrees Celsius.

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This article “Super-chilling Fish” was published in the Icelandic fisheries magazine Sjávarafl on 18th of January 2017, the first issue of that year.[1] The title in original is: “Ofurkæling á fiski” or “Super-chilling Fish”. The author is Gunnar Þórðarson, consultant at Matís, an Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D institute.

[1] web-address: https://issuu.com/sjavarafl/docs/januar2017_net

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