Resources and Products

The Resources and Products division of Matís exists because of the importance of bioeconomy improvements for prosperity of the Icelandic Society. As the BioEconomy in Iceland largest sector is the marine sector, projects in field the valuenet of fisheries, including value chain of seafood with emphasis on processes, quality and sustainability.

The division deals with various multifaceted challenges within agro-food sector, in Iceland primarily based on fisheries & fish processing with accompanying operations. Holistic approach to agro-food sector as a value chain where raw materials are collected form natural resources, cultivated or harvested in sustainable manner, and transformed into products by processing – beneficiaries of product development – carried out according standards of quality requirements, using benefits of traceability to increase profitability. The division offers consultation in the field of its core activity.

Improved quality of food processes have increased yield as well as food safety facilitates food and nutrition security locally in Iceland and on the markets where the products are sold.

The importance of environmental sustainability shines through many of the division's projects, where respect for nature and raw materials can be partly measured by the yield, product portion of raw material. Seeking to deal with challenges before there is a problem by screening for opportunities in the situation. Collaborating on technological solutions within the agro-food sector.

The division has successfully applied systemic collaboration in its ongoing works including assessments on interactions between fisheries and aquaculture.

Where the producer respects the consumer, food is safe and the consumer gains nutrition from consuming it, resulting in profitable business of food processing where the products are securely accessible at any given time.

Current work includes mapping agro-food sector in the bioeconomy in Arctic sub-regions.  Experience of handling quantitative data as part of modeling in integrating socio-economic and bio-physical factors from previous work of the division reflects prevailing factors: supply and demand at different geographic scales.

In short, Resources and Products division is all about:

  • Broaden Food Industry
  • Inspire entrepreneurs to innovate through product development
  • Optimize food product quality with traceability
  • Explore underutilized opportunities in aquaculture
  • Create more value sustainably from resources
  • Orchestrate practicing of appropriate sustainable methods
  • Navigate food products to market opportunities
  • Outline, interpret and explain the benefits of Research & Development for stakeholders
  • Motivate stakeholders to meet consumers demand on markets
  • Yield efficiency of value chain management in food processing

In order to achieve blue and green growth that contributes to secure food systems in the sustainable BioEconomy.

The division consists of four research groups that focus on specific fields on the journey from natural resources to finalized products.