Quality and Processes

For food production, fulfilling product quality requirements is of primary importance. Improvements in technology and processes for material handling, production, packaging, storage and logistics facilitate sustainable economic growth.

The Quality and Processes Research Group‘s efforts are directed towards helping producers to increase their profitability through improvements in their processing methods. Working with our partners, we focus on individual production processes with the aim of developing and implementing new techniques, processes or technology. The goal may be to reduce costs or waste or to improve product value.

Placing special emphasis on utilizing undeveloped raw materials with developing processes for production of products that fulfil quality requirements. Novel raw materials are fully characterised to allow processes to be adapted to their needs or to apply novel uses of known technologies as required. The key to a quality product is using fine raw materials. To ensure quality raw materials, careful handling after harvest, catch or slaughter is essential.

Our projects have investigated:

  • Factors that affect the quality and shelf life of products and raw materials
  • Raw material handling (e.g. drawing blood, refrigeration and reducing mechanical damage)
  • Improved logistics, including means of transport, temperature and time.
  • Storage temperature, time and humidity.
  • Packaging

Our projects have resulted in processes development, increased automation, improved efficiency and better yield in food production.

Research Group Leader

Magnea G. Karlsdóttir


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