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Top quality, reliable services at Matís

Matís is one of the leading research, development and testing organizations working in the global food industry. Our expertise spans from fisheries and agriculture, through product development and marketing to chemical, microbiological and genetic analysis.

Our expertise in all areas is applied to research, within commercial partnerships and is also available as a service to business, government agencies and private individuals directly. These pages describe our main service provision in the fields of food safety testing, genetic analysis and product development.

We are the designated Icelandic National laboratory for certain areas of chemical and microbiological analyses of foods. As such we operate the most advanced laboratories in the country and offer our expertise over a broad range of analytical services, training and product development.

Matís professional knowledge is disseminated through  training, education and consultancy, for example HACCP courses conducted for government regulatory authorities, businesses and employees. These are described in more detail under the  Knowledge Transfer section.

In addition, as part of our commitment to improving health and promoting food safety worldwide, we offer training and expertise to developing countries within our aid programmes and through the United Nations University: fisheries training programme.