Requests and Ordering Information


Sampling, postage and ordering requirements depend upon the service requested. Please contact us for specific instructions before ordering in order to avoid errors or delays.

Samples for analysis should always be accompanied by a sampling form (download below) detailing all samples included (must be labelled) and the type(s) of analysis requested. Also indicate whether results are to be delivered by email and any other important information or instructions on the sampling form. Please always include any reference number provided to ensure that your order is treated appropriately.

Mark samples with suitable waterproof labels or ink. We can provide specific sampling kits and handling instructions for the different kinds of analysis. Please use the contacts below to request sampling kits or further information.

Note: Please ensure that your chosen means of delivery meets the time, temperature and customs requirements. Contact us if you require any assistance.

Sampling forms can be downloaded here.

Contact Information

Postal Address: Matís ehf., Vínlandsleið 12, 113 Reykjavík, Iceland

Service Contacts:

DNA enzymes – please visit the Prokazyme website.