Food Innovation Centres

The Matís' Food Innovation Centres (Matarsmiðjan) in Reykjavík, Fluðir and Höfn were established to support innovation in the food industry.

These centres provide ready access to expertise and equipment. Our goal is to allow food innovators to begin production without the high start-up cost of machines, regulation and licensing. Entrepreneurs can also use the centres to initiate small scale pilot products to test the response of the market or to work through the process of scaling up production.

After product development, entrepreneurs can either establish their own production line or use the food innovation centre for production based on our co-packing agreement. The latter may be ideal for small companies or those producing seasonal items.

The centres have equipment and technical expertise for development, production and distribution. An extensive range of equipment is available, including freeze driers, smoking equipment, climate controlled drying rooms, canning and packaging.

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