Improved Nutrition

Matís plays a part in improving the nutritional habits of the Icelandic population. We're always looking for new ways to promote the consumption of seafood. For example, we co-created the popular Icelandic TV Show "Fagur Fiskur", a series that showcases the many ways of catching, handling and preparing fish. The show was viewed by over 1/3 of the Icelandic population.

ÍSGEM Database

Accurate data is critical for food labelling. Matís provides food composition data on all food types for all national nutrition surveys. All nutritional analysis results are also collated by Matís into the ÍSGEM database.  The ÍSGEM database now includes 1260 foods from all food groups.

Matís is an associate member of EuroFIR Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif (EuroFIR-AISBL, which aims at development and exploitation of food composition data. The Icelandic ISGEM database is among the databases provided by the EuroFIR-AISBL, providing harmonised data that are compatible with important European databases.