Product Development and Labelling

Whether you are trying to turn a new idea into reality or scaling up production to meet growing demand, we have the facilities and expertise to make it happen.

With decades of experience in food production and three Food Innovation Centres, we can offer prompt and efficient service that meets your needs, whether you're in Iceland or beyond. We have particular expertise in the seafood sector and we fully understand the development challenges that can arise when living in a rural location. We're here to help!

Hikers' food and special food from fish.

The primary goal is to develop hikers' food and other special foods based on marine ingredients in flexible canning bags, which preserves the products at an ambient temperature. By using the production facilities at MURR in Sudavik for product development, we are creating employment opportunities in the region.

Is your labelling ready?

After the European legislation change in 2014, all food products require comprehensive nutritional labelling. Why wait? By teaming up with Matís, we'll use our expertise in nutrition, testing and marketing to deliver an eye-catching product that is both accurate and legally recognized.

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