Matís fosters the knowledge-based environment and constructs a pathway to creating capital goods.

Matís puts a great emphasis on collaboration with universities. On each given time there are a number of graduate students doing their research at Matís, or in projects related to Matís. Actually, a large part of Matís' research is connected to Icelandic or foreign university-level educational institutions, involving graduate students more often than not.

In recent years the number of students connected to Matís' scientific and research work has been on a steady rise. These students come from various places, enjoying the guidance of Matís' scientists and benefitting from the excellent research facilities the company has to offer. Also, Matís enjoys a good relationship with both domestic and foreign students working on research and other scientific work in today's large international community.

For more information, contact Gudjon Thorkelsson, Director of Food Production and Education.