Food Safety Management – HACCP

HACCP stands for Hazard Analyzes and Critical Control Point and is a preventive system to secure food safety.  Thorough understanding on how to structure a HACCP system, to operate and maintain it within food processing companies is requested in all food trade today.

Matís has been running HACCP training courses at various levels for some years for the food industry and academic institutes in Iceland.  Although the training activities have mainly been conducted within individual food processing companies, general HACCP training is offered on regular basis.

USA Seafood HACCP training

The Association of Food and Drug Officials in United States and the Seafood HACCP Alliance have developed a uniform HACCP training program for fish and fisheries products.  The primary purpose of the training is to assist the implementation of HACCP programs in commercial and regulatory settings.  Matís is the only Nordic and European company listed as certified Seafood HACCP trainer who can offer this course (see: haccptrainers.afdo.org/haccp).